Echota Indian Living Village

Indigenous to northwest Alabama and specifically to Marion County and the Buttahatchee River region, the descendants of the original tribe members demonstrate the activities of daily living of their forefathers. Cooking, cleaning, hunting, fishing, singing, dance, and spiritual worship are all things you will see replicated every year at the Buttahatchee River Fall Fest. Tribe members young and old honor generations of Echotas by educating festival attendees on the heritage and traditions of their tribe. Come see the women sew, the children play games, the men demonstrate their hunting skills. Listen and watch as the Echota families join in song and dance in celebration and worship. The Echota Indian Living Village is presented annually at the Buttahatchee River Fall Fest through the generous support of Southeastern Claims Service of Hamilton.

Bring the entire family and enjoy the singing and dancing of the Echota Indian tribe at the Buttahatchee River Fall Fest. The "living" village will be on display throughout the festival, with special ceremonial performances of the tribe's singing and dancing demonstrated at times during the festival.